Mother's Day - The perfect last-minute gift option!
Mother's Day - The perfect last-minute gift option! 0

What can you gift a woman who means the world to you? And interestingly, she probably has it all and is also super particular about everything that she uses. If you begin from the dressing table, her shades of lipsticks and eye liners must be fixed and she probably has a set regime regarding creams that she uses too. Next comes the house, once again, when you look around, there can’t be much that is needed and if it is, she probably knows exactly what she wants.

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The ninja stay safe moves - [Woloo - Hygiene Tips]
The ninja stay safe moves - [Woloo - Hygiene Tips] 0

Now you could try a few ninja moves, walk on your toes, hold you bag between your teeth, pull out a tissue from your bag without putting it down, somehow twist the faucet with the tissue, wash your hands without touching the faucet, use the tissue (another one this time!) to close the faucet, use your elbow to open the door, wipe your elbow… oh wait.. did you forget to pee in the midst of all the planning?

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The Pee Nightmare [Woloo - Hygiene Tips]
The Pee Nightmare [Woloo - Hygiene Tips] 1

Did you know that most women at some point in their life or the other contract an infection due to the usage of a dirty toilet? Some of the bacteria found on toilet seats can actually survive for months at a stretch if not cleaned properly. The sad part is, no one knows how well the public toilet, that you are using, was cleaned and when was it cleaned. What were the products that were used? Was it just a face lift or did it involve some deep cleaning?

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INTERNSHIP - Woloo and you, a winning partnership!
INTERNSHIP - Woloo and you, a winning partnership! 0

Woloo and you, a winning partnership!

Did you know that an average person spends approximately three years of her/his life in the washroom. Considering that we visit the washroom at least six times a day, it is safe to say that these loos play a central role in our lives. However, despite the huge role played by the washrooms, women have a rough time finding a toilet that is clean, safe, and hygienic. We invite young, dynamic, and enthusiastic students to join Woloo as interns in this mission .....

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HR-For-HER 0

Did you know that over 15 crore working women in India suffer due the lack of the availability of a proper toilet, a sad reality but yet, the truth...How often have you walked into a toilet and considered walking out without using it, or have stood on your toes to avoid stepping into a puddle, or have scrunched your noise at the stifling stench? With the understanding that there is a desperate need to ensure that urban working women ........

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